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General Terms & Conditions

PBT Hungary Ltd.

  1. Ordering

  1. For online orders in our Webshop (shop.pbtfencing.com) Customer has to register. After registration, the account has to be activated by clicking on the link sent to Customer’s email address.
  1. Net prices (excl. 27 % VAT) apply to orders to be shipped outside the European Union. Gross prices (incl. 27 % VAT) apply to orders to be shipped inside the European Union.
  2. In case the billing and the shipping countries are different, it is always the shipping country that determines the payment of VAT.
  1. Our prices DO NOT include shipping costs.
  2. Our prices DO NOT include any importation fees, customs duty and tariffs which are determined by the local customs authorities of the consignee’s country during the importation procedure. It is the responsibility of the consignee to be aware of these costs and pay them.
  3. We confirm orders maximum within 3 working days (except when our business is closed) by adding the shipping costs to the total purchase amount.
  4. We cannot accept direct orders from countries where we have exclusive representatives. In this case registration is disabled and the system informs the Customer about our local dealer’s contact details.
  5. After the order is confirmed and paid, amendments can only be accepted when the package is not closed or in case of special items/sizes (custom-made products, out-of-stock sizes) as long as the process of production has not been started.
  6. With the registration, Customer agrees to sign up for the electronic newsletters of PBT. If Customer does not want to receive newsletters, they can unsubscribe with the help of the link on the bottom of the newsletter.
  7. PBT guarantees the handling of customer information with full confidentiality and will not give them out to a third party.
  1. Shipping, handling and delivery

  1. Terms of delivery depend on the applied mode of delivery and its destination.
  1. Calculation of the shipping costs is based on the ordered items’ weight and box dimensions.
  1. The date of dispatch depends on the availibility and the quantity of the ordered goods, their possible special requirements and number of the orders placed before.
  1. Our prices do not include the shipping costs.
  1. We reserve the right to part-deliveries (if no other possibility exists).
  1. Payment

  1. Payments shall be effected in ALL cases in advance.
  1. In case of extra sizes, surcharge is applied which is added to the product price automatically. Customer is clearly informed about this during the online purchase.
  1. Modes of payment:
    Credit card:
    the sum will be debited accordingly once Customer enters the card data and confirms.
    The Bank offers its virtual POS service to support the acquiring of the following cards: embossed Visa, EC/MC,JCB.
    Credit Card Security Once Customer enters the area of the site where credit card information has to be submitted Customer will be transferred to a SECURE server. Customer will see https:// at the beginning of the web address in ythe toolbar signifying that the area is secure. Customer will also see a padlock in the toolbar at the bottom of the browser. These pages are encrypted with 128 bit encryption and are GUARANTEED 100% SECURE. A third party cannot read the information and it can only be decrypted by us.
    Bank remittance:

proforma invoice is issued within 3 working days and sent to the Customer for remittance

  1. Part-payments cannot be accepted.
  1. Right to withdraw from purchase

  1. In the event that Customer does not accept the shipping costs sent with our confirmation, Customer has the right to withdraw from the purchase. Please indicate this via e-mail to our e-mail address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
  1. Customer has the right to withdraw from the purchase within 14 calendar days starting from the day Customer acquired physical posession of the goods. In this case, the order has to be returned to PBT Hungary. After the arrival of the goods, PBT is required to refund the amount paid immediately, but no later than thirty days after the cancellation. The refund has to include the expenses borne by the trader to deliver goods.
    If Customer has chosen a certain type of delivery e.g. express delivery, althought there would have been a common, generally accepted type of delivery with lower costs, Customer has to bear the difference in costs between these two types of delivery.
  1. According to the Government Regulation of 45/2014. (II.6), the costs of return of the goods have to be covered by the Customer.
  1. PBT Hungary is obliged to pay back the full purchase price to the Customer only if the products are returned unused, clean, undamaged, unwashed, in completely new state. PBT Hungary Kft. has the right to demand compensation in case the returned product is not in the above mentioned conditions. In this case a certain amount proportional to the condition problem will be deducted from the return payment.
  1. Tailored, extra large, extra small and non-stock clothing, name printed or national color painted products cannot be returned.
  1. Warranty

  1. The warranty for the fencing equipment made and distributed by PBT Hungary is valid up to six months from the purchase.
  1. The warranty for the electronic devices is 2 years (parts supply: 5 years).
  2. Warranty covers for the case if the goods purchased are defective or structural, manufacturing or material defects arise during the warranty period
  3. In case of a complaint within 48 hours, the defective goods will be replaced if they are unused
  4. The defects occurring during the warranty period will be repaired if possible, if not, then replaced. Our warranty obligation ends if the Buyer does not preserve or makes available the defective goods in their defective state.

The warranty does not cover the following cases:

  • unprofessional or careless handling
  • overstraining
  • defective mounting
  • intentional damaging
  • defects caused by radical washing agents and or not keeping the washing instructions
  • normal wearing
  • damage on the clothing caused by broken or unbroken fencing blade
  • oxidization of fencing blades stored in humid environment
  • oxidization of non-inox electric jacket due to humidity
  • oxidization of the mesh of non-FIE masks
  • damage and/or holes caused by the fencing blade on the carpet piste

Special terms:

  1. There is no warranty period for the breakage of fencing blades. Their replacement is possible only in case of material defects.
  2. Complaints connected to the wearing of the sole of fencer's shoes or of their surface cannot be accepted.
  3. The jamming of the fencing spool cable or dirty contacts are not considered as defects.
  4. We do not accept complaints connected with damages occurring on the fencing pistes, caused by their unprofessional mounting and de-mounting.
  1. Product exchange

  1. Only completely unused, clean, unwashed, undamaged products can be exchanged. Any cost occurring in connection with the exchange (return and re-shipping costs, packaging etc.), rests upon the Buyer. Except the case when the size and/or product delivered does not correspond with the order. In this case the occuring costs are paid by our side.
  1. Tailored, extra large or extra small non-stock clothing, name printed or national color painted products cannot be exchanged. According to this, please choose carefully the size when ordering.
  2. Products can be exchanged within 30 calendar days starting from the day of delivery to the recipient.
  1. Other conditions


  1. Product alteration: we reserve the right at all times to make changes on our products. To follow these we draw your attention to our web site and catalogue.
  1. Further sale: to sell the goods bought from us to a third country, the buyer should previously inform us to receive our approval.
  1. Blades: bend, flexibility, hardness of the blades may differ within the determined standards.
  1. Colors: Colors of the goods in their real appearance may vary from the printed catalogue or website colors. There could be slight color differences between two production series. From timet o time the design, colors of the lining of the clothings, colors of fencing bags are adjusted to the trend.
  1. Import taxes and duties

Please note that we are not aware of and cannot affect import taxes and duties. These costs differ in every country. The information about this needs to be obtained locally. Such costs are not included in the prices of the products. At first time order from abroad, it is advisable to ask the local customs office whether any duties need to be paid.

  1. Data privacy
  1. The use of customers' personal data is only in accordance with the legal regulations in force.
  1. PBT Hungary handles the data provided by the Customer only in accordance with the order. It stores the data in order to fulfill the terms of the Contract and subsequent proof of the Contract. PBT Hungary does not give out information about Customers to third parties unless the third party is the Subcontractor of PBT during the Contract. PBT Hungary acts at all times in accordance with the Customer data handling Law CXII of 2011 on the protection of the public interest in disclosure of data privacy. To complete delivery, the following information are provided by PBT Hungary for the delivery company:
  • Name of Customer
  • Full shipping address
  • Other information (delivery time)
  • Value of order with shipping cost
  • Customer’s contact details (phone number, e-mail address)

The delivery company or its agent will keep the information strictly confidential.

  1. PBT Hungary has the right to inform customers about special offers and news in the future in form of an electronic newsletter, which the purchaser may cancel in writing to the following e-mail address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
  1. Copyright

The use of All data, description, informative text, images, and graphic and technical structure of the page without the owner’s concent constitutes an infringement of copyright and ensue legal consequences.

In any other issues not covered by the Terms & Conditions and other related documents, the Civil Code, as well as the laws of e-commerce shall apply. 




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